Veteran Branded

About Us

As a female that served in the Cold War Era, I never considered myself a veteran, but I enjoyed creating items for our veterans and all who loved and respected them.  My first “Veteran” Design dates back to my hand-painting T-shirt days, in the late ’80s.  I created a design for a local pub and someone wanted a shirt for their dog, so I designed it!  I then began designing for pets, bags, bandanas, and collars, we had a tiny Yorkshire Terrier at the time so I designed for her.  I designed crochet outfits for 2-5 pound pets, but then the market caught on…

I decided to take all this crafting, and small stuff and create a real business in the specialty advertising market, I had a great name chosen and everything I’d been doing, embroidery, crochet, vinyl cutting, sublime,tion, etc, would all fit into this business model.  So I began looking for some training, business training to do it right! Maybe an Entrepreneurial Conference?  I began searching, online in person, for anything that would help, something I could do locally, but there was nothing.

I searched and searched and ran across a website V-WISE!

Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (V-WISE) was created to empower women veterans and military spouses/partners to find their passion and learn the business savvy skills necessary to turn an idea or start-up into a growing venture.

But did I fit into their parameters?  I served our Country, but I wasn’t a Veteran, I was a spouse, a long time ago, did that count???? I was unsure so I emailed them and explained that I had served, but I did not retire nor did I serve during “wartime”  I served a total of 12 years between active, guard, and reserves, I was also married to a fellow Airman for 10 years.  I finished the email and pressed SEND.

It wasn’t long before my phone rang…it was a super nice woman from V-WISE, we talked and she informed me that I served and I was, in fact, a Veteran, I served more than the required time and they would love to have me at their conference.  I felt welcomed and accepted very quickly.  She sent me the paperwork and some information on the program, I got through it all quickly and was ready to know more.

The next Conference was in Boston, the other side of the US, but I wanted to go….and I did!  It was at this Conference that everything changed!  I made a few T-shirts to share, did all the pre-work, and was soon off to see a part of the US I’d never seen, I was excited to grow what was to be a specialty advertising company.

It was here that things changed, that I found the comradery and support I needed!  Others loved the shirts I’d created, they shared their frustration finding designs for them, the Women Veterans of the United States of America!!!!  After the first night, my wheels began to spin….It was here that I came to realize that my service was and always would be a part of me!!!  It was as if it were branded upon my heart, upon my soul!

Veteran Branded was the name we chose at the conference, with the help of some very awesome business mentors and other women veterans.