Cleaning, Love it? Hate it?

It has to be done so why not find an easier way…. That sounded like a pipe dream to me, but its true… You can clean and clean better than you are today with just a cloth and water….

What is this magic I speak about?

Its NORWEX and its REAL! Seriously a single cloth a little water and you can clean over 80% of your home. I thought the claims were untrue, over stated when my daughter told me about it and said she wanted to sell it. Oh not another multi level scam I thought, so before she came to demonstrate, I tried to dis-prove the claims…I cleaned my bathroom with everything imaginable, scrubbing bubbles, 409, then vinegar and water, some lemon juice and a bleach and water mixture, the stuff we used in the labs and hospitals when I worked there. The bathroom should have been spotless, I really scrubbed and cleaned everything incuding the floor.

She came in and used a special swab and still found bacteria….even after all that cleaning, I scrubbed and used multiple products, but still there was bacteria….

Then she wet a cloth, folded it to a square and wiped, no hard scrubbing, just wiping and to my amazement, the swap was green, which is really good.

All my work to dis prove this company and I FAILED!

I now use nothing but Norwex, I save a ton of money every week not buying cleaning products and my home is clean and safe for my Grandchildren and us.

My daughter has been a consultant going on 2 years now, she loves the company as well as the product.

Why I decided to Blog

After trying my hand at an online store, I found that I wanted to do more. I wanted to be able to share the products I create as well as other products that I personally love. I wanted to have a place to share the mugs, shirts, Decals, etc that I make personally and I also wanted a place to share other great products and designs.

I wanted a place to share my thoughts and the things I’ve learned along the way to identifying myself as a VETERAN!

Welcome to my Blog, I hope you find it helpful.

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